Mides färger

Click on every picture to see it in original size!

First, a full body shot, this is in bright sunlight so she looks very brown. Which she is, but maybe not quite that brown. The encircled areas are where she has completely white hairs, I didn’t encircle the trousers and tails though, they shouldn’t be a problem to find 😉

A closeup on her coat, and again, this is in bright light.

And this is what she looks like underneath, this is at her neck, where it is very easy to see. It’s not so visible on other parts of her body. But here it’s easily to see that the top of the hairs are light/grey/brown and the bottom of the hairs are dark/black.

And here is the small strand of her ear hair that started turning grey/white some while ago, this is the right ear, her left hear is still dark. The hairs are completely white, not banded or two-coloured.

This one shows her normal ear hair colour, but the white strand is kind of visible at the bottom of the picture.

And here is a close up of her white/grey area behind her shoulder/front legs. There aren’t so many white hairs so it’s kind of difficult to see. It’s easiest to see under my fingers, to the left of where the skin is visible.

Another shot of the same area.

And here is a shot of her white area on her side/on front of her hind legs. Here too it’s kind of hard to see, but just as her other white areas, these hairs are also completely white.

And where this is I don’t think I have to explain 😉 Her trousers are very white/grey, and the hairs are completely white here too, but I have found som banded hairs at her rear, not in he trousers. The banded hairs are black-white-black, which I assume are a result of a(w)?

And, finally, her tail, which is a mix of white, grey, black and brown.


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